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The Unified Community Resource Council created this site through grants from the South Shore Foundation and the Baxter County TEA Coalition to help organizations in Baxter and Marion counties reach out to those that they serve. Twenty-four area service organizations work together under the name UCRC, bringing together a wide variety of services for residents of north central organizations.

This project grew out of a desire to see unified, in one location, information about services available throughout the area for those who need help most. Because there are so many organizations and government agencies providing these kinds of services, those working in the field as a counselor or information provider often find it difficult to know precisely what resources and programs are available for lower income working men and women, children, differently abled individuals and the elderly.

The main goal of this project was to create a comprehensive, accurate website, linking area, state and federal resources. This site is especially useful for school counselors, teachers, ministers, volunteers, social workers, nurses, physicians, employers, neighbors, family members, friends and those in need of assistance.

Unified Community Collage