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Your business, church or organization can support this worthy website project by becoming a website sponsor.

There are two options for annual sponsorship. You may become a "Banner Sponsor" if you would like an ad for your business to be added to the header of this site. Your banner ad will also be linked to your business's extended ad on our Sponsor page. The extended ads contain your logo*, physical/mailing address, phone numbers (up to two), a contact name, a 55 word description, Web address link, and an e-mail link. The cost of becoming a Banner Sponsor is $396.00.

When you become a "Listed Sponsor," your business name is added alphabetically to the list on the left of each page. Your business name will also link to your extended ad as described above. The cost of becoming a Listed Sponsor is $186.00.

For more information about becoming a sponsor, please contact: Brooks Jeffrey Marketing by phone: 870-425-8064 or by email:
Renea Adams
Jodie Elizabeth Jeffrey