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Hospice of North Arkansas
Contact: Kim Reeder
330 Hwy 5 North, Suite 20, Bradford Square
Mountain Home, AR 72653
Phone: 870-424-4000
Fax: 870-424-4072
Description of Organizations Services:
When you or someone you love is living with a terminal illness, quality of life matters more than ever. At Hospice of North Arkansas, our dedicated hospice professionals help our patients across North Arkansas live as fully and comfortably as possible in the final stages of life. Hospice care is centered on the effective management of pain and other symptoms of end-stage illness. We deliver physical, emotional, social and spiritual support to our patients and their family members. ...(Read More)

Hospice of the Ozarks
Contact: Lisa Vetter
811 Burnett Drive
Mountain Home, AR 72653
Phone: 870-508-1771
Toll-free: 800-711-9596
Fax: 870-508-1777
Hours of Operation: M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, RN on call 24/7
Description of Organizations Services:
Hospice of the Ozarks is the only not-for-profit hospice organization serving Baxter and Marion Counties since 1979. Our program is designed to provide physical, social, spiritual, and emotional comfort to help both the patient and family cope with dying, death, and the time that follows. Hospice of the Ozarks has a free standing 12 bed Hospice House that provides three levels of care since 2005. We have a complete team of professional staff and volunteers who offer services based on individual needs. The services include: nursing with emphasis on pain and symptom control, personal care, medications, medical supplies and equipment, social services and counseling, spiritual support, bereavement assistance, transportation, medical direction and patient care instruction, and referral to community resources. Staff on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. "Growing Through Grief" is a place for anyone in the community who has lost a loved one to gain an understanding of the loss and grief process and how to cope with it. All groups are open to anyone in the community and are free of charge. Meetings are conducted in a confidential and nonjudgmental atmosphere. Call the Hospice of the Ozarks office for information about these groups. ...(Read More)

National Family Caregivers Association
10400 Connecticut Avenue, #500
Kensington, MD 20895-3944
Toll-free: 800-896-3650
Fax: (301) 942-2302
Description of Organizations Services:
The National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) exists to support family caregivers and to speak out publicly for caregivers' needs. NFCA espouses a philosophy of self-advocacy and self-care that is predicated on the belief that caregivers who choose to take charge of their lives, and see caregiving as but one of its facets, are in a position to be happier and healthier individuals. They are then able to have a higher quality of life and to make a more positive contribution to the well-being of their care recipient, all of which has a positive impact on society and health care costs. Through its services in the areas of education and information, support and validation, public awareness and advocacy, NFCA strives to minimize the disparity between a caregiver's quality of life and that of mainstream Americans. Services for family caregivers are noted below. ...(Read More)